A4 Paper and Double Wall Boxes

What is A4 Paper?

Outside of the of the Americas, most of the world uses "A4" paper, which is a little longer and a little narrower than standard "Letter" size paper used in the US. A4 paper is 8.27" x 11.69".  US "Letter" size paper 8.5" x 11". Most home and office printers can use A4 paper either with a paper tray (adjusting the setting to "A4" from "Letter") or using the manual paper feed. A4 and Letter size paper are different than Legal size paper, which is 8.5" x 14".   We carry Double A brand (high quality) 80 grams/m2. Bright white in color. Additionally we have premium A3 and A4 (coated and uncoated - various brands) ranging from 120 to 300 grams/m2 (limited quantities)

What is a Double Wall Box?

A double wall box has two layers of corrugated cardboard, making it much stronger than cheaper "single wall" boxes most commonly sold in office supply and shipping stores. Sometimes double wall boxes are known known "heavy duty" or "export" boxes.  We sell very strong ECT 48 275 lbs. (200 lbs. tested) double wall boxes.

How do I buy A4 paper or double wall boxes?

Very few retailers sell either A4 paper or double wall boxes, as its costly to keep in stock and is far less popular than letter size paper or single wall boxes. Because of this, you normally have to buy it from a wholesaler, who normally only ship by the case or bundle, with large minimum orders and/or shipping charges, as wholesalers often ship via freight trucks by the pallet load, unlike retail office supply stores that use FedEx, UPS, or local delivery services.

​If I only need a small amount of A4 paper or double wall boxes, how can I buy it?

​We sell both A4 paper and double wall boxes in small quantities. Because we have many overseas contacts and customers, we buy both A4 paper and double wall boxes for our own needs from wholesalers. While we use some A4 and double boxes ourselves, we keep an excess supply in our office have them available to us. You can now buy just the amount of A4 paper or double wall boxes directly from our office or have it shipped to you almost anywhere in the US.

How much does it cost?

We sell A4 paper three ways:

$ 5 for 20 sheets

$ 10 for 100 sheets

$ 20 for 500 sheets (one ream)

$ 70 for 2500 sheets (five reams/one case)

Premium A3 and A4 paper (thick/cardstock - coated and uncoated):

$ 10 for 10 sheets of A3 or 20 sheets of A4

$ 20 for 30 sheets of A3 or 60 sheets of A4

$ 30 for 90 sheets of A3 or 180 sheets of A4

​We also sell US Letter size paper for $ 5 per ream and US Legal size paper for $ 8 per ream. When don't actually "count" our 20 and 100 sheets of paper packs.  Rather, we "count" it by weight, trying to error in your favor so you have a good chance of ending up with more sheets of A4 than advertised. If you end up with less, please accept our appoligies.

We sell double wall boxes in the following sizes:

$ 4 for 12 inch cube (12" x 12" x 12")

$ 5 for 14 inch cube (14" x 14" x 14")

$ 6 for 16 inch cube (16" x 16" x 16")

$ 7 for 18 inch cube (18" x 18" x 18")

$ 10 for 20 inch cube (20" x 20" x 20")

$ 13 for 22 inch cube (22" x 22" x 22")

$ 16 for 24 inch cube (24" x 24" x 24")

$ 20 for 26 inch cube (26" x 26" x 26")

​We also sell some non-cube double wall boxes

$ 9 for 22" x 16" x 16"

$ 10 for 22" x 18" x 16"

$ 11 for 18" x 18" x 24"

$ 12 for 18" x 18" x 26"

$ 14 for 18" x 22" x 30"

We have a few other double wall boxes in other sizes, please ask.

How much is shipping? (Of course, you can pick up at our office today too)

For A4 paper, shipping is $ 7 for up to 100 sheets ($ 12 for one ream). If you buy multiple reams, its $ 8 for each extra ream using ground shipping. Local same day delivery for Manhattan is a flat rate of $ 20. Overnight shipping is $ 35 for up to 100 sheet ($ 50 for up to one ream). Two day shipping is $ 25 for up to 100 sheets ($ 35 for one ream).  

For double wall boxes, shipping is split between the locations in the Eastern, Central, and Mountain/Pacific time zones. All non-cube double wall boxes ship as 18-20 inch cube box rate. Local same day delivery for Manhattan is a flat rate of $ 30.

12-16 inch cube box        Eastern        Central        Mountain/Pacific

One small box                           $ 15                   $ 20                $ 25

Additional small boxes              $ 5                     $ 8                  $ 11

18-20 inch cube box        Eastern        Central        Mountain/Pacific

One medium box                       $ 20                   $ 25                $ 30

Additional medium boxes          $ 8                     $ 12                $ 15

22-26 inch cube box        Eastern        Central        Mountain/Pacific

One large box                            $ 25                  $ 30                $ 40

Additional large boxes               $ 12                  $ 15                $ 20

Pick up at our office is free, but you must call ahead, as we are not set up as a retail store.

AK/HI and some remote areas are extra. We do not ship internationally or to PO boxes.

Express shipping is available, please ask.

How do I pay?

We accept credit cards and paypal. For local pick up, we also take cash.

How do I order?

We recommend you call our office on 212 238 3644. You can also email order @ a4-box [dot] com

Where are you located?

280 Madison Avenue, Suite 912, New York, NY  10016. We are between 39th and 40th Street. Please call ahead so we can verify we have the paper or boxes you want in stock before coming over. We almost always have A4 paper available, but might not have every box size in stock. Selling A4 paper and double wall boxes is NOT our main business, so don't be surprised if the guard in the lobby has no idea if you say you are going to A4-Box.

When are you open? (Yes, we do have a 24/7 emergency option)

Office hours are 11 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. If you need A4 paper or a double wall box when we are closed, we do have a option, but it be expensive. We have a  24/7 notary services. One of our notaries can meet you at our office after hours, and we'd charge you the mobile notary travel fee (minimum $ 80) along with the cost of your paper or box. Not cheap, but if you have a deadline, it is an option for the city that never sleeps.

Why is it so costly to ship empty boxes?

Our rent and labor costs are very high with our midtown NYC location. In order to ship boxes as economically as possible, we have to fold them to reduce the overall length as much as possible, using tape to secure the flats so that they can be shipped via USPS and FedEx. This is a time consuming process.The boxes themselves are heavy. Small boxes are about 5 pounds. Large boxes are about 10 pounds.

Please keep in mind, if you are able to come over to our office, you can buy your boxes without any shipping fees.

Our prices for the double wall boxes are comparable to what office supply stores charge for single wall boxes. The strength and quality of double wall boxes are much higher than single wall boxes, and are much better at protecting your merchandise during shipping.

Can you make A4 copies or prints for me?

We can do this for you at a nominal charge. You still need to buy the A4 paper from us separately (starting at $ 4 for 20 sheets), we can make b/w or color copies or prints for a nominal charge. $ 1 for up to ten b/w or $ 1 per color copy or print ($ 2 minimum). For printouts, we suggest you give us the file as a .pdf, we can also print using .doc and .docx and a few other formats. We can not print using .ai format. Sorry, but we can't print on A3 or other large size format paper.

Are the boxes new?

They are new. We use tape to fold them flat to minimize the amount of space needed to store and ship the boxes, so while the boxes are new, they will not always arrive in pristine condition. Boxes, unlike other items for retail sale, don't come in protective packing, so you should expect some minor imperfections and markings.

I need A4 paper or a double wall box NOW, but you are closed, now what?

We know how frustrating it is to 99% finished with a project, and to not be able to meet your deadline because of a 1% factor beyond your control. As we offer a 24/7 mobile notary services, we can have one of our staff members meet you at our office after hours so you can get your A4 paper or double wall box. We will charge you our mobile notary travel fee on top of the cost of your paper or box. Expensive? Yes, but if you are on a deadline, it may be worth it. The bulk of our mobile notary fee is for the time to commute to and from our home to meet you, not just the five minutes it will take to assist you.

How do you make money selling just 20 sheets of A4 paper or one double wall box?

The answer is we lose money on just about every sale(after factoring in rent, labor, etc). We share your frustration on how hard it is, in the heart of New York City, to buy paper and boxes that are readily available almost everywhere else on the planet. We hope you will patronage us for your tricky international notary and international shipping service needs. Perhaps you can click on either our notary services or business services websites to see if we can be of further service? If you could say a nice thing about us on a review site or mention us in social media, that would be very much appreciate.

What else does you company do?

Our main business offers business services for local and international clients. We have been in business for over twenty years. We also offer a wide range of notary services, including mobile notary and international document apostille and legalization authentication. Please visit our other websites for more information.